Preventative Wellness Care

In this program, we’ll provide you with a proactive holistic solution to keeping your spine healthy while sustaining your overall physical wellness. We take a hands-on approach to addressing spinal misalignments – some of which, may be pain free, but still need tending to – and institute practical lifestyle habits for you to track in your daily life. We do our best to allow you to remain worry-free from future pain. Our purpose for this plan is to make quality care convenient and affordable!

We live in a world that teaches us that pain is when we are supposed to see a doctor and treat the symptoms. What would happen if you chose to treat before you had symptoms? Invest in yourself by committing to a plan of healthy living. By taking this proactive approach, you can help your body to operate more efficiently and thus effectively prevent disorder and disease.

"The Greatest Wealth is Health" - Virgil

Who is a candidate for wellness care?

Individuals or families who have achieved a level of treatment deemed – “Maintenance care”- which means that we are no longer treating an injury or specific symptom. The goal with wellness care is to prevent further injury from occurring and maintain your current level of functioning and keep you in a symptom/pain free state. Pain is not a proper guide to how well our bodies are functioning.

These are patients who seek to prevent pain from environmental factors – like sedentary office positioning, repetitive motion, sports injuries, or childhood falls.

Individual and Family Plans

We create customized plans specifically for you and your family.