In today’s society, we have a love hate relationship with food and nutrition. However, in its purest form, food is simply the fuel that powers the functions of our body. Nutrition from a healthy, well-balanced diet, including the right combination of vitamins and minerals, supports the body’s natural ability to heal and maintain wellness.

Ideally, we would obtain high quality fuel from our diets alone, but research shows this is simply not the case in our country today. It may be that many people just don’t have the training or the knowledge to know what their body really needs.

Nutritional Assessments and Expertise

Dr. Daniel Murray and Dr. Brandon Meye have many years of education and experience studying the science of the body and the impact of proper nutrition. They can determine if you are lacking important nutrients or if you should reduce or remove certain foods from your diet. Proper nutrition has a vital role in the natural healing of an injury and in strengthening the body.
We may also recommend certain nutritional supplements that provide building blocks to your body to help fight infection, promote healing, improve joint motion, support nerve function and improve other parts of the body.  A full array of high quality, dietary supplements are available in Lake Country Health Center’s retail area.

Weight, posture and the spine

Proper nutrition does more than help your body work and heal efficiently… it also keeps your weight and posture in check, which in turn stabilizes the ligaments and muscles that support the spine.  Weight loss and a healthier lifestyle can be the natural result of avoiding unhealthy foods.

Foods that should be reduced in everyone’s daily diet:

  • White refined sugar and white refined flour
  • Alcoholic beverages, coffee, and “cola” drinks
  • Artificially flavored products with added preservatives
  • Junk foods - candy and empty calorie snacks
  • Foods high in saturated fat and fried foods
  • Convenience, prepackaged type foods, often low in nutritional value
Chiropractic medicine recognizes that many factors affect health, including diet and exercise; therefore, Dr. Murray and Dr. Meye look at the whole person and considers nutrition a key part of any healing treatment.
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Dr. Murray and Dr. Meye look at the whole person and consider nutrition a key part of any healing treatment.