Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness has been growing in popularity with many companies looking to decrease employee injury, while increasing company morale and production. Frequently, employees associate their current positions with stress, pain, and overall unhealthiness. Employees spend majority of their time in the workplace, and correlating wellness goals with work-life balance is mission critical to driving business outcomes. Promoting health, both physically and mentally, should go along with keeping staff healthy.  These programs are designed to support and encourage a holistic approach to employee health by creating an overall company empowered healthy culture. 

Lake Country Health Center  is offering a corporate wellness solution that extends beyond traditional wellness programs cultivates healthy practices among workplace community and improves health outcomes, all while increasing productivity, reducing rising employee healthcare/insurance costs, optimizing HR investments, and boosting employee engagement and commitment. This is also a way that many top companies attract top talent while keeping them productive ultimately reducing employee turnover.

Our board certified and state licensed associate doctors are dedicated health and wellness practitioner with a passion for helping people of all ages achieve better health naturally. This stems from knowing that a healthy nervous system and spine are vital in facilitating healing. By paying attention while actively recognizing and easing tension and dysfunction in the body, they are able to eliminate disease and breakdown before occurrence.  Having someone visit your organization furnishes the opportunity to learn about workplace ergonomics, exercise, nutrition, and forms of care to assist with pain. These exercises and care are vital to muscle memory, proprioception, and overall health.
With a chiropractor/wellness coach, we have the ability to offer an integrative approach with the convenience of rehabilitative exercise with instruction, diet assistance/support, and supplementation. These modalities and added services complement and enhance the physical chiropractic care that is provided to complete the holistic wellness approach. Our main purpose is to improve both structure and function resulting in performance with greater enthusiasm, endurance, enjoyment, comfort, and efficiency. We meet the needs of your employees while keeping organizational goals in mind. We look to provide all of the means for the best feeling, healing and functioning injury-free team!
We look to work with your human resources director to come up with a well rounded and complete plan for your specific needs.

Successful Corporate Wellness Programs Consist of:

  1. Provide employees with practical and accessible programs
  2. Have a health-conscious work environment
  3. Integrate wellness into the company structure and everyday setting
  4. Link wellness program to the existing support programs
  5. Offer health screenings and educational information/classes

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