Meet the Doctors

About Dr. Daniel Murray                            

Dr. Daniel Murray's mission is to offer the finest in personalized care with an emphasis on service. After 2 decades of being in practice, he is committed to his passion of improving the lives of others through community involvement and exceptional patient care. He emphasizes treating the whole person by finding balance… in nutrition, exercise and in life. Dr. Murray recommends multi-disciplinary treatments like massage therapy,  nutritional protocols, yoga, and personal training that work alongside traditional chiropractic services to enhance healing creating healthier, more functional results.

About Dr. Brandon Meye

Dr. Brandon Meye believes in finding and treating the cause of a problem – not just the symptoms. He believes that an accurate diagnosis, paired with a tailored treatment plan, produces amazing results. His focus is to get you back to doing what you love.

Not only does he offer effective and gentle adjustments, he is certified by the National Chiropractic Board of Examiners to utilize physiotherapy modalities that include electric muscle stimulation, cold laser therapy, decompression traction, and rehabilitative exercise. He has also completed postgraduate hours to be certified in clinical nutrition and fascial movement taping techniques. As a product of Lake Country, he is very excited to have the ability to take care of - and give back to - the community that helped mold him.

About Dr. Moira Martin

Dr. Moira Martin's main purpose as a provider at Lake Country Health Center is to improve overall function which allows her patients the ability to perform their activities with greater enthusiasm, endurance, enjoyment, comfort, and efficiency. As a chiropractor, she aims to restore proper joint and muscle movement through specific adjustments and soft tissue work along with rehabilitative exercises for longer lasting results. This helps create a healthy balance in your body that allows you to function at your full potential.

Having the privilege to offer her community a non-surgical/non-drug alternative to their neuromusculoskeletal problems is so rewarding and Dr. Moira takes pride in offering an evidence informed, conservative corner of healthcare to patients.