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Our goal at Lake Country Health Center is to provide you with exceptional, personalized health care through the combined resources of our talented team of professionals and rehabilitation specialists.

Lake Country Health Center brings you the finest in personalized healthcare. With nearly 25 years experience, Dr. Daniel Murray, Dr. Brandon Meye  and the integrated team of associates blend traditional chiropractic care with additional therapies like massage, acupuncture, nutrition and rehabilitative exercise to achieve excellent results.

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Dear Patients,                              

It is great to be back in Lake Country and part of such an amazing team of professionals.  I have encountered many clinic settings on my journey and I’m so grateful to have landed at Lake Country Health Center.  They are the sincerest group of professionals who truly care about the patient’s experience. 

The patients have welcomed me with open arms and I truly hope that I have earned your trust.  I am honored to ensure your transition and look forward to getting to know you along with your family and friends.  Your continued referrals are greatly appreciated.

In transitioning to Lake Country Health Center, I am enthusiastic about the integrative approach that this clinic offers and look forward to my patients having the convenience of rehabilitative exercise/instruction, diet and supplementation, decompression, therapeutic massage, and acupuncture on site. These modalities complement and enhance the care I provide to complete the holistic wellness approach. My purpose is to improve both structure and function resulting in performance in activities with greater enthusiasm, endurance, enjoyment, comfort, and efficiency. Lake Country Health Center provides all the means for the best feeling, healing, and functioning to you, that I’m thrilled to be a part of!

I look forward to a long lasting relationship.
Dr. Brandon Meye, DC